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Michael O'Day
By Michael O'Day December 15, 2016 16:45

Next Meeting:   January 23, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.                                                               Issue: December 2016

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Chapter 885*

801 Princess Street

Wilmington, North Carolina

Tel: 910-762-4288

Editor:  Mike O’Day (email:


“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

President:  Don Betz

1st Vice president:  Larry Farmer

2nd Vice President:  K. C. Jones

Treasurer:  Bob Doleman

Secretary:  Michael O’Day

Sergeant at Arms:  Thurmond Bethea

Service Officer:  Tony Musolino

Chaplain:  Abdul Shareef

AVVA Chapter Representative: James Bryant


*Chapter 885 is a member of the New Hanover County Veterans Council.


As we reflect on the recent Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family; as well as look forward to the season of giving to others, it offers an opportunity to strength our bond with each other. This in turn allows our mission to grow stronger each year.  The recent and continuing growth in our membership enables Chapter 885 to continue assisting our fellow veterans as well as increasing our visibly in the community.

Let’s share our appreciation for each other by attending the Chapter’s Christmas party on December 9th.  The fellowship we enjoy will energize us going into the New Year!  As a Chapter we have moved the bar up a notch in 2016 and I am confident we will raise it even higher in 2017!

Best wishes to each of you for an enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year!


Greetings To Our Veteran Brothers

Once again we are at the top of the yearly clock getting ready for a new year on the Gregorian calendar. A time for reflection on lessons learned as we move ahead charting our future progress.

The Creator and Guardian Lord of our life is the Best Teacher. Take time to reflect on the daily education that we are constantly and always receiving from the vast, wonderful, never ending creation that we exist in.

Share your reflections in the hope that we as veterans can make the world a place for all humanity.

We have many reasons for living. Be a reminder of many good expressions by the life we live. Help a vet, help a family.  Don’t be afraid to smile.

All gave some.  Some gave all. Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.

Abdul Rahman Shareef,  VVA 885 Chaplain

If you know of a death or illness of a chapter member or their family, please notify our Chaplain, Abdul Shareef, and/or the office so that we may provide support to the family and get the information to Chapter members in a timely manner.


 Veterans are a special target for multiple kinds of frauds and cons going on during the year.  However, these scams seem to ramp up during the period from Veterans Day through the end of the year.  They must think that we are not savvy and are easy marks.

Scammers often target veterans – either in direct scams offering bogus services, or in charity scams that closely mimic the names of legitimate organizations helping veterans and military families.

Sample Scam:  Dubious investment advice – an “adviser” will tell the veteran that he or she is missing out on benefits, and wants to review their investment portfolio.  He’ll then want to put the veteran’s investments in a trust, to appear to have fewer assets and to therefore be eligible for an additional pension.

Be suspicious any time you are asked to pay by wire transfer or gift cards.  Know that the VA will never call text or email you to update your information.  Only make donations directly to the veterans’ organization that you know.  Only work with VA accredited representatives when dealing with VA benefits; you can search them at the VA Office of General Counsel website.

Veterans should know that it does not cost a dime to access state or federal benefits – this includes filing a claim.  If you have been approached by someone asking for payment or personal information, you are urged to call your local Veteran Service Officer immediately.


December 9 – Christmas Party

January 16 – Martin Luther King Parade


Earlier this month Mark Skov had to resign from her position as AVVA Chapter Rep due to health and personal reasons, leaving the position vacant.  Special permission had to be obtained to hold an election for a new Chapter Rep to complete the term which ends in April 2018.  That election was held at the Chapter meeting on November 28 and the new AVVA Chapter Rep is James Bryant.  State Representative Debbie Musolino administered the oath of office to James that night.  Congratulations James.


Herman James

Fifty-one years ago, Herman James, a North Carolina mountain man, was drafted by the Army.

On his first day in basic training, the Army issued him a comb. That afternoon the Army barber sheared off all his hair.

On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon the Army dentist yanked seven of his teeth.

On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap. The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.


It is hard to believe that it is December, where has the year gone?

December also means that it is the holiday season; a time for good cheer.    Throughout the year we have set an example for the community in many ways, let’s keep that up by making sure we spread that good cheer to one and all.  Please remember that there are those that are less fortunate than ourselves and let’s do all that we can to see if we can improve their holiday just a little bit.

As you celebrate the holidays in your individual ways I hope that you take a moment to remember our troops stationed throughout the globe.  I am sure we can all remember back when we were overseas for the holidays and while we survived it, it wasn’t the happiest of times.  So please say a prayer for our men and women overseas and for their safe return.

I want to wish everyone Peace on Earth, Good Will, and the Best of Yuletide Greetings.


Gerald Beatty                    5th

Cleveland Herring             7th

Tony Mortillaro                 7th

Lawrence Rittinger           8th

Derrick Anderson              10th

Martha O’Day                   11th

James Delia                        12th

Henry Spool                       13th

Abdul Shareef                    14th

Daphne Hayes                   16th

James Rich                         18th

Larry Pait                            22nd

Ron Kuvik                           24th

Raymond Hayes                26th

Walter Samuels                 27th

Happy Birthday to all.

If you do not see your birthday mentioned here please get in touch with the Chapter Secretary, Mike O’Day.


 Toys 4 Tots

The Chapter is once again participating in the Toys 4 Tots program.  There is a box in the Chapter Lobby for you to bring in your new unwrapped toys.  The toys will be picked up during the week of December 12-16.  Please be generous and help us add some joy to some childrens holiday this year.

 Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is Friday, December 9 from 2 pm to 7 pm.  The party will be held at the Scottish Rite Temple on 17th Street about one half mile north of the hospital.  Dinner is being catered by Middle of the Island Catering and the food will be served around 3 pm.  If you haven’t dropped off your Toys 4 Tots toys you can do so at the party.

If you haven’t let anyone at the office know that you will be attending please do so immediately as we need to let the caterer know how many people will be attending.

The folks at the Temple are very anal about parking and will stop an event if people do not park in the designated parking area.  So please let’s all park only in designated spots, thank you.

Hope to see you all at the party.

 Future of the VVA

At VVA Chapter 885’s meeting on Monday evening, November 28th, VVA NC State Council President Rossie Nance addressed the future of the Vietnam Veterans of America.  President Nance will be making the same presentation to each NC VVA Chapter.

Rossie explained that VVA National President John Rowan is in the process of creating two separate committees. One committee will address terminating the organization as we know it and rebuild it by including younger veterans into one major organization.

The other committee will review and implement the recommendation of the first committee.  The reason for the dismantling of the organization as we know it is a startling reality that our Vietnam Veterans are aging and we are losing them at an alarming rate…faster than veterans of other wars including World War II veterans.

It is at the same time commendable and sad but realistic. The issue is being addressed while the VVA is still thriving.  A presentation will be made at the August 2017 VVA National Convention in New Orleans to the delegates and attendees.  Voting will not take place until the 2019 VVA National Convention.

If you have any suggestions as to how the VVA should reinvent itself please give them to VSO Tony Musolino.  Tony hopes to be on the committee but failing that will make sure our voice is heard.


We had 3 fundraisers in November: Sam’s Club,

The Half Marathon at the Battleship, which was an AVVA fundraiser; and Riverfest.

We took in some good money for the Chapter and we interacted with a lot of interesting people a few of which have since joined the Chapter.  Along the way we managed to have a few laughs.

Thank you to all those that were out there for the fundraisers, you did a great job.  We hope to see some new faces out there next year, who knows you might like it.

Veterans Day

On Veterans Day members of the Chapter participated at events at both the National Cemetery and the Battleship.

At the cemetery we put up the flags and were there to honor our fallen veterans.

At the Battleship, Chapter members assisted with the exchange of flags.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the two events.

Golf Tournament

The 2016 golf tournament was a big success for the Chapter.  Therefore, we are going to make this an annual event.  We have already started the planning for 2017’s tournament and it will again be held at Olde Point Golf & Country Club in Hampstead.  The tournament date is Saturday, September 16 with a rain date of Saturday, October 7.  This was a true Chapter event last year as many people participated in the planning and in getting sponsors and we hope it will be that way again. If you have any suggestion on how to attract sponsors and or golfers please share them with Mike O’Day.


VVA National has had a problem with their membership record-keeping; there was a bug in the software that was dropping names off rosters.  They say they have fixed the problem but they are still a little behind in getting out the updated numbers.  As of September 30 (the latest date that we have) the Chapter has 184 members of which 152 are lifetime members.  When they finally catch up and get us numbers through November our total should be up around 190.  We have added close to 25 new members this year and that is attributable to everybody interfacing with the community either at fund raisers or just talking to people at other times.  Great work everybody, please keep it up.

 Next Chapter Meeting

There will be no Chapter meeting in December.  The Christmas party will take the place of our usual meeting.  The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, January 23, 2017.



Michael O'Day
By Michael O'Day December 15, 2016 16:45
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