Don’t be a victim.

Michael O'Day
By Michael O'Day November 2, 2016 15:54

Veterans are a special target for multiple kinds of frauds and cons going on during the Veterans Day season. Scammers often target veterans – either in direct scams offering bogus services, or in charity scams that closely mimic the names of legitimate organizations helping veterans and military families.

Scam:  Dubious investment advice – An “adviser” will tell the veteran that he or she is missing out on benefits, and wants to review her investment portfolio. He’ll then want to put the veteran’s investments in a trust, to appear to have fewer assets and to therefore be eligible for an additional pension.

Be suspicious any time you are asked to pay by wire transfer or gift cards.  Know that the VA will never call, text or e-mail you to update your information.  Only make donations directly to the veterans’ organizations you know.  Only work with VA-accredited representatives when dealing with VA benefits; you can search for them online at the VA Office of General Counsel website.

Veterans should know that it does not cost a dime to access state or federal benefits – this includes filing a claim. If you have been approached by someone asking for payment or personal information, you are urged to call ODVA or your local County Veteran Service Office immediately.


Michael O'Day
By Michael O'Day November 2, 2016 15:54


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